Thok the Bloodthirsty Strategy Guide (Heroic Included)

Raid Composition

10 Man: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 6 DPS
25 Man: 2 Tanks, 5 Healers, 18 DPS

In this encounter you fight against a dinosaur with two phases and a few simple abilities.

DPS Phase

  • During this phase, Thok will melee the tank and has a few basic abilities.
  • AbilityDescription
    Fearsome RoarFrontal cone attack that should only hit your tank. Does damage and causes them to take 25% increased damage per stack. Requires a tank swap.
    Deafening ScreechUsed at full energy, this does high Physical damage to the raid and interrupts all spellcasting. After each Screech, his energy regenerates faster.
    Tail LashDoes damage and stuns enemies that stand behind him.
    Shock Blast100,000 Nature damage dealt to several random players.
    BloodiedPlayers that have under 50% receive the Bloodied debuff. Once 5 (10 man) or 15 (25 man) players become Bloodied and are within 10 yards of each other, the second phase will begin.

    In this phase your raid should be tightly stacked on the boss’s side. Nobody should be behind him due to Tail Lash, and only your tank should be in front due to his frontal cleave. The idea of this phase is to do as much damage to him as possible. Eventually his Deafening Screech will be occurring so often that it’s impossible to continue healing and dealing damage effectively, and you’re at risk of people dying.

    Once Thok reaches around 12 stacks of increased energy regeneration, you’ll want to push him into the next phase. To do this, you need to have enough members of your raid reach 50% health to become Bloodied. You’ll want to stop doing general raid healing at this point and only heal players that go much below 50%, due to the random nature of the damage in this phase. Spirit Link Totem is fantastic for this to ensure nobody gets bursted down when you’re trying to end the phase.

    Frenzy Phase

    Once this phase begins Thok will stop using melee attacks and will begin fixating on a random player. He’ll slowly move towards that player, and anyone that gets in his way will be immediately killed. After a time he’ll switch his fixation to another player.

    When this phase is triggered, you need to have whoever is fixated run out to a position far away from your raid, but in a direction that will not cause Thok to pass through them on his way. The entrance is a good default position.

    When this phase starts a Kor’kron Jailer will join the fight and attack the raid. This needs to be tanked and killed. When he dies he drops a key which can be used to unlock one of the prison cells on the side of the room. When you unlock the prison cell a friendly NPC will come out of it. Within a few seconds Thok will immediately fixate and move towards this NPC and devour it, ending the phase. Make sure none of your raiders are in his path as he moves towards it.

    The NPC that he devours will grant him slightly altered version of his initial abilities for the next phase. It’s recommened that you handle the NPCs in the order listed below. Here are the abilities he gains for each one:

  • Akolik will grant him Acid Breath, which replaces his previous frontal cone attack. This does Nature damage to the tank and reduces armor by 20% per stack. It also grants him Corrosive Blood to replace Shock Blast, which does damage to random players and additional damage over 30 seconds.

  • Waterspeaker Gorai will grant him Freezing Breath, which replaces his previous frontal cone attack. This does Frost damage to the tank and after 5 stacks the tank is frozen in ice. It also grants him Icy Blood which does damage to random players, does additional damage as a DoT, and traps players in ice if they reach 5 stacks.

  • Warmaster Montak will grant him Scorching Breath, which replaces his previous frontal cone attack. This does Fire damage to the tank and additional Fire damage every 2 seconds, stacking. It also grants him Burning Blood which does Fire damage to random players and leaves a pool of fire at their feet.

  • The first two NPCs do not change anything meaningful. Thok will use his new abilities but they don’t alter how you handle the fight in any way other than the elemental difference. The abilities granted by Warmaster Montak on the other hand will fill the room with Fire. You can either spread out to avoid the constant pools of Fire that will be spawning, or you can stack up in melee like always and use all your remaining raid cooldowns to heal through it. Either way is viable, and the Fire doesn’t do very much damage.

    Heroic Mode